'Cluichí Gaeilge' consists of ten games which cover each of the ten themes in the National Curriculum for Irish. The games are packaged as a suite of ten and come in an easy to store plastic transparent box. 'Cluichí Gaeilge' is all about making learning Irish fun, interactive and enjoyable for children! More detailed information on each of the games is given below.
Box set of Games
Téama 1: Mé Féin
Cluiche: Cé mise?
Imreoirí: 2-6
Children will enjoy using their Irish vocabulary related to 'Mé Féin' to find out which character card their opponent has chosen. A vocabulary card with images is provided to assist children with asking these questions.
Me Fein
Téama 2: Sa bhaile
Cluiche: Lán tí (Bíongó)
Imreoirí: 3-7
Each player is given a card with an image of one of the rooms from the house. The race is on to be the first player to collect all of the objects that are named in this room card. (played in a manner similar to Biongó).
Téama 3: An scoil
Cluiche: Snap
Imreoirí: 2-4
Children become familiar with all of the vocabulary related to school in this fast moving game of Snap.
Téama 4: Bia
Cluiche: Biongó
Imreoirí: 3-7
In this game of Biongó children will have great fun filling their Biongó cards with vocabulary related to Bia, whilst at the same time learning the vocabulary related to this theme.
Téama 5: Teilifís
Cluiche: Splot
Imreoirí: 2-6
Children are sure to love this game in which they must collect all of the television programmes named on their TV timetable. A fantastic way to learn much of the language associated with the theme of 'An Teilifís'.
Téama 6: Siopadóireacht
Cluiche: Splot
Imreoirí: 2-6
Lots of fun to be had in this memory game! Players need to be the first to fill their shop with all of the objects named on it. A great way to learn the names for various shops as well as the items you find in them.
Téama 7: Caitheamh Aimsire
Cluiche: Tomhais Focail
Imreoirí: 2-6
Children will have great fun carrying out the actions on their ‘hobby card’. The object of the game is to guess what action their opponent is doing! As the cards have been duplicated this game can also be played as Snap. A super way to learn the vocabulary related to 'Caitheamh Aimsire' in an interactive and engaging manner.
Tomhais Focail
Téama 8: Éadaí
Cluiche: Iasc
Imreoirí: 2-4
In this memory game children are challenged to match the various cards related to the theme of 'Éadaí'. An interesting and fun way in which they can learn all of the various clothes items!
Snap Eadai
Téama 9: Aimsir
Cluiche: Iasc
Imreoirí: 2-4
Children must match the sentences with the appropriate picture of the weather. An interactive and engaging game in which to learn phrases associated with the weather. Also assists with memory skills.
Lasc Aimsir
Téama 10: Ócáidí Speisialta
Cluiche: Biongó
Imreoirí: 3-7
A fantastic way to learn the vocabulary related to all the special occasions throughout the year. Children will have great fun aiming to be the first player to call out "Biongó!"
Biongo Ocaidi Speisialta
How Cluichí Gaeilge could be used:
In The Classroom :
  • The teacher could have each group working on a different theme from the curriculum at the same time (an excellent revision activity).
  • From time to time (perhaps having completed four of five themes from the curriculum) the teacher may wish to set this up as a carousel type of activity, giving the children a chance to play several of the games within the lesson.
  • If the teacher wants to work with a particular group in the class, he/she could arrange for the remainder of the class to play 'Cluichí Gaeilge'without requiring teacher instruction.
  • If more than one box were purchased (number required depends on class size) the teacher could have all of the class working on the same theme.
Golden Time :
'Cluichí Gaeilge' could be incorporated into Golden Time activities, hence making ‘Golden Time’ educational as well as fun.
Wet Play :
As 'Cluichí Gaeilge' is not teacher led, children could be entertained by these games during wet lunch times, whilst learning at the same time.
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